Thursday, 12 November 2015

Farmers Wife #2 Aimee

The first block this week is #2 Aimee and when I looked at it before reading the tutorial, I thought this would be a block for foundation paper piecing.

Now I don't dislike paper piecing, I just prefer rotary cutting and piecing. I made a beautiful centre of a quilt, or it could be a wall-hanging, named My Home is my Castle, all paper pieced and it looks great. Foundation paper piecing does take more time, and does 'waste' a lot of fabric, but the points are sharper and the little tiny bits are straight - that wouldn't happen with regular piecing.
I do like to colour my pieces on the foundation paper to keep the colours on track.
 Each piece is labelled in the order that one should sew, but I've done this before many times, so I like to sew two or even three sections at a time.
As each section is finished I lay the foundation sections in place ready for sewing together. Sometimes I take the paper out first before sewing together, and sometimes I don't.
My thoughts on the letter "The Magic Jar" 
by Bookworm, Feb 1934.
Bookworm talks about saving pennies to buy books, her passion. She also mentions the importance of farmer's wives taking some time each day for oneself. I have no doubt that farmer's wives had, and still have, a very busy, hectic day to day life.
In today's fast pace world, one needs to juggle, like the farmers wives, many different aspects of their lives. What many forget today, usually because one is so busy, is to take time for oneself. It is easy to fall into the trap of all work and little 'life' balance because we hear terms like: it must get done tonight; it has to be finished ASAP; you have no choice; everything relies on getting this done; etc. etc. etc.
Doing something for oneself EVERY day is so important for the work / life balance.  
However, it is difficult to not feel guilty about one's 'quilty' pleasure. 
Bookworm had reading. She read every day.
I have sewing and writing. I didn't do both everyday, but did at least one - until I didn't ..... no work life balance, so I had the re-assess my life. I now do something for me every day, and yes felt guilty for doing it, but I've now come to realise what is important to me and my loved ones. 
 I don't feel guilty any more, well not too much anyway. 
I do something I want to do each day, some days I do a lot, some days I do a little, but I do it.

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