Thursday, 5 November 2015

Farmers Wife #1 Addie

Week 5 see 3 blocks released. The first block is #01 Addie.

You can find Marti Michell helpful hints  and Gnomangel tutorial are useful.

I used my triangle ruler again to cut out the pieces. I like to lay them out on a mini design mat to make sure it works and to try to keep them in order for sewing - I say try, as sometimes it becomes a jumble :)
I also chain pieced the pieces.
I am very happy with the way it turned out. I think the contrast of colours is much better now that I am in the swing of the sample blocks.
My thoughts on the letter 'Happier Than Ever Before' 
by Mrs H. S. L. October 1930

Mrs H. S. L. talks about changing her and her family's life style to make it better in the future. She got rid of some mod-cons and worked hard. However, she really enjoyed the new life she had made for herself and the family.

As a young Mum, many years ago, I was happy. We had two wonderful daughters, hubby and I both had good jobs that we genuinely enjoyed going to each day. 
Circumstances change. 
We had a son and at the same time hubby was offered a promotion. Circumstances were right to move, and start again. We did this another three times. Each time it was a decision with the purpose of making life better.
We were happy.
Circumstances change. 
I'm not going into details, but life became not happy. Every day was a chore.
Our only joy was our beautiful grand daughters visiting, or Skyping.
    We have now made another decision, to make our lives happy once again. I recall the old saying that was popular many years back - Work to live, don't live to work!
We are going to live for today, who know what tomorrow will bring.
It will still take hard work, but now our priorities are back on track. 
We will be happy again - happier than ever before!

Quote: (I'm not sure if I used this before, but it applies here.)
One of the simplest ways to stay happy is ...
... letting go of things that make you sad!


  1. Good thoughts Allison. Sometimes it's hard to let go, but it certainly seems the right thing to do for a more peaceful life.
    And just like you, two of the things which make me happy are patchwork/quilting, and enjoying exploring our lovely country with caravan trips!

  2. Exactly Jenny. If you can't do anything about it - walk away and move on.