Sunday, 21 September 2014

Caravan Block

Continuing from last week's blog, I have completed my van sewing machine cover. You may remember I was watching a live youtube feed from Simply Colorful FibreCast,  and the presenter Lynn was making a vintage caravan block.  After making the block,  I thought it was perfect for a cover for my machine that I keep in our van.

 After the first block I added the two ends and the other side. 

Next I added the roof in two parts to allow the carrying handle of the machine.  I used a thin synthetic wadding and a plain yellow fabric backing to make a flat net of 3 van.

 And here we are. The finished cover. Next time I would make the stairs different and I would also outline the windows in white. 

I have owned this little Elna since about 1986. I bought it from my friend Rhonda. It has been the best machine -only does straight and zigzag,  but it has served me well. 

Prior to the Elna I used my grandmother's old Singer machine that now belongs to my Aunty Margaret.

So, tomorrow I'm back to Sassy Cats. 

Happy sewing


  1. Very clever indeed! I didn't realise you would be making one large block, just imagined you would do a whole lot of smaller ones and join them all together. It looks great.

    1. Thank you. Wasn't sure what I was going to do with the block when I started Jenny. It was fairly easy, so think I may make a whimsical caravan quilt. You should check the live sewing next Saturday. It's 10am my time, so I think that would make it 8am (?) your time.