Thursday, 11 April 2013

Kathy's Coffee Quilt

As the holidays come to an end :( and my sewing will now slow down due to work commitments, I thought I would show you what I have been doing this week.

A friend asked me to make a lap quilt for her. She gave me these mini panels to work with.
I decided on a pattern of random placements and wonky angles and sizes.
I cut each mini panel and added a 2" red border, so I could cut it 'wonky' to make an 8.5" square.

 I bought this lazy susan at Ikea some years ago. Peter likes to put it on the dining table with the fruit bowl.
I did buy it for rotating and cutting. It works a treat.
 It was perfect for this size block. One does need to steady the table at times and cut slower, but it saves times by not having to move the block and line up and check. 
I also used a 12" square ruler to make it quicker and easier to measure and cut.

I had searched for materials to match the mini blocks using the selvedge colour panel.
I was lucky that I already had two kits with matching colours and many others in my stash 
- see there is a good reason to buy material for no reason :)  -
I did purchase some neutrals as I have been using a lot on other projects.
As I had decided that blocks would look better with these mini panels I decided that different sizes would also work and add interest to the quilt.

I made a variety of strips to make 8" across.
Here is the beginning of sewing the panels - can see the plan? 
(Don't you love the shadow on my hands in the bottom right hand corner?)

This is what my design board hides - my cutting table, and my other projects waiting to be finished.

Over on my sewing table, I have the cut out strips waiting to be sewn. 

This is my sewing view!
Sadly I don't have a sewing room - wish I did - so my sewing is done in the lounge room.
I am very lucky to have an understandable husband who allows me to make such a mess.

I have finished the top, and will post pictures tomorrow.

Also tomorrow is the part 4 of Plenty of fish - so I might get some more sewing done in between preparing for school.

Happy Sewing

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