Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Simply Colourful Quilt Along - parts 1 & 2

Once Fool's Gold was finished I started another project, this one was a quilt along with Lynn Marquedant. 
I started following Lynn's FibreCast Youtube channel a few years ago. It is similar to Bonnie Hunter's that I watch occasionally, but the big difference for me is that FibreCast is broadcast at the same time each week, and Lynn usually demonstrates what she is doing and invites us to do the same. I did make a sewing machine cover shaped like a caravan for my caravan machine, and also a caravan quilt and place mats, which I sell as we travel in our van. 
So during this time of rediscovering my creative side :), Lynn is doing a quilt-along.
 Week One was an Ohio Star. Now I have many sampler quilts still waiting to be finished and I really didn't want to start another one, but I did want to do the quilt along, so I decided to do the first part of week one as a baby quilt and make nine Ohio stars instead of one.
To make the Ohio Star block I cut four large squares, in this case - two yellow, one green, and one orange. I placed one yellow with the green and one yellow with the orange. I then drew a diagonal line and stitched 1/4 inch ether side. I cut on the other diagonal to make two half square triangles. I did the same with the other yellow and the orange. I then placed the opposite ones together and repeated to make four identical units.
I love making the little four patch at the back of the four half square triangle blocks.
 By using one 'stash builder' from Spotlight and a collection of co-ordinating plain fabrics I made this baby quilt. I am at the stage of putting in the white polka dot sashing.
 Week one included a small church and a small trees block.
Week two was the big church and big tree block.
All were done paper piecing, which I'm not fussed about, but the results are good. I colour coded each piece to keep me on track.
I decided I would use these blocks ether in place mats or another caravan quilt. Then I saw on the quilt along FB page
another block that used Christmas fabric, so decided to make the large tree block for a place mat. 
I really liked the background fabric for the smaller block, not sure if I will turn it into a place mat or keep it for another caravan quilt.
 But wait ..... didn't I say I wasn't going to make 'another' sampler quilt ... well, another talented sewer made her blocks out of Halloween fabric ... I have a crate full of Halloween fabric ... so guess what?
I'm going to start a Halloween sampler quilt this week.
Watch this space :)

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