Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sewing Sunday

It feels so good to be able to have time to sew. I know, one can always MAKE time, but when you have a demanding job that is getting more demanding each week, it is really difficult to find time.

I haven't had time to sew for a few weeks, that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it. Always thinking about it ;-)

So, a few things happened this weekend. I worked Friday night and all day yesterday on the weeks planning so I could sew today. My plan was to do the Craftsy BOM March blocks that came out a few days ago. First, I had to clear off and move my sewing table. While I did that Peter decided to build a platform for my UFO stand - but more about that in a later post.

 I watched the video, read the instructions, ruled the lines, and thought "that's too wide". Well, I thought the instructions said 1.5 inches - DUH!!! So started again. Ruled 1" lines with my 8" square ruler, and then Peter got my regular 6.5" ruler from the van, and the 1" were different - AGAIN DUH!!!!! The square ruler had a 1/4" allowance. Start again!!

 ..and then I noticed my rotating cutting board had inches marked. At this stage I'm thinking 'stop now before you cut'.

Anyway, got over that problem and started sewing the purple strips. Thank goodness that ran smothly. At least I knew what I was doing as I had made similar for the Orca Quilt (which I must finish)

 Back to the sewing table to trim away the excess. Some of the scraps I saved, but most went into the rubbish :-(  See my iPad with the instructions in the background.
 Finished March block 1.
 Now to Block 2.

 Blocks finished, ready to trim.


 We also needed to cut away  the excess background material.

 Finished blocks ready to make the 12.5" block.

Finished March Block 2

 Here are the six completed blocks so far.

Now, I'm going to repair a pair of shorts that Peter ripped, and then start sewing some of the stripey blocks.

I love Sewing Sunday.

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