Saturday, 4 February 2017

Farmers Wife 1930 Sampler #07 Augusta

Haven't been doing a lot of Farmers Wife blocks as I am doing them by hand now (easier) and only do them when travelling in the van. I keep the making of the templates and cutting of the pieces for home and then store them in zip lock bags in the book, so I am ready to sew the next one, once I've finished one. Just like this.....

In saying that, I am so far behind in the 'sew a long' that I doubt I will catch up - but that's ok! I'm enjoying what I am doing, and that's what counts. This block has 33 pieces and is hand sewn.
"Her Great Granchild" writes in 1931, a letter titled 'When Great Little Grandma Drew the Line' in which she has a really detailed description of Great Grandma and her clothing, including an obvious cherished 'big pocket'. Grandma would tolerate situations, but when enough was enough, she drew the line!
I know that feeling. One can only be pushed so far when that line gets drawn. Enough IS enough! Choices need to be made, and boundaries drawn.

There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you've had enough!