Monday, 23 October 2017

Busy week

This week I decided to add another border to the Simply Colourful Brown Bag Mystery quilt. I had run out of some of the suggested fabric, so substituted a pink, that had already been used in the quilt and a teal fabric. Looks so good!

And Sew Foxy Mama's 100 Hexies in 100 days. We are up to week 11, and the theme is "I Spy" - guess I may be doing some fussy cutting - like I haven't already 😊.
Week 4 - wishes
Week 5 - big and small
Week 6 spots and strips - but I chose spots, as that was the fabric I had.
 Week 7 - floral
 Week 8 - travel - gee I wish I had chosen travel places, maybe I still will?
 Week 9 was woodland and last week, week 10 (below) was in the sky.
I have completed week 9, but neglected to take a photo.
 I also finished the new Simply Colourful Mystery by Colour Wheel Quilts, Scrappy Square Dance top. I decided to make two lap quilts (baby quilts). One is for my new granddaughter, due in February, so I still have a few months to quilt and bind it.
 Also on the go is the continuing Moda Blockheads. 
I'm still behind, but getting there - and there is no rush.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Roll the Dice Update

About a month ago I decided to do what my friend Jenny does, and choose 6 projects / UFO's to check off the 'to do' list.

  1. Caravan Quilt top to quilt
  2. Brown Bag Mystery to finish
  3. "???" baby quilt to start
  4. Row by Row top to quilt
  5. Halloween Mystery to finish
  6. "?????" baby quilt to start
So I am very happy to say that I have completed 2. Brown Bag Mystery Quilt by Simply Colorful, and it is adorable. I really like the way it looks, and if I every make another one - which I probably won't, as it had too much paper piecing - I would swap the orange for bright pink. Shock, right, LOL.
I must say that looking at the individual blocks I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but look at it - wow.
So now I need to quilt it, so I'm making the new 2. Brown Bag Mystery - to quilt.
Also No 3. and 6. I might use Color Wheel mystery as one baby quilt, and Peace and Love mystery as the other.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Under my needle...

I've made a lot of progress with the Brown Bag Mystery the past few weeks while at home. Then we were able to go on another short two week trip to the central coast of NSW for my Auntie's 80th, so I started another challenge -100 hexies in 100 days, created by Sew Foxy Mama. I know, so many projects on the go, but I needed something simple that I could easily pick up and sew, a few stitches at a time.

With the hexies, each week is a different theme, so that took a stop at two LQS's and Spotlight to find some of the fabric to suit the themes. Luckily I found some scrap bags and was able to make some of the hexies needed.
Now we are home again I'm back to the Brown Bag Mystery and also the new mystery quilt by Colour Wheel Quilts - Scrappy Square Dance - sponsored by Simply Colorful. All caught up and waiting for Friday's new clue.
 Now back to brown bag mystery....

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Roll the Dice ......

I have been working on catching up with ModaBlockHeads, and once caught up I didn't know what to move onto, as I have so many UFO's.
Some months ago a blogger friend of mine Jenny, mentioned in her blog about rolling the dice to decide what to sew next. Great idea..right! Well, I had so much difficulty trying to work out which 6 UFO's to put on the list, that it has taken me this long to work it out, but here it is
  1. Caravan Quilt top to quilt
  2. Brown Bag Mystery to finish
  3. "???" baby quilt to start
  4. Row by Row top to quilt
  5. Halloween Mystery to finish
  6. "?????" baby quilt to start
As you can see I have two quilts to start, two quilts to finish, and two quilts to quilt. Happened by accident, but still I think it will be a good idea to keep this pattern. I will still be doing Farmers Wife blocks by hand, and Moda BlockHeads each week, as well as any other mystery quilts that take my fancy, but when not doing these I will be choosing one of the above, and if I can't chose I will roll the dice.
Also interesting with the above, 1, 2, 4 and 5 are all Simply Colorful mystery quilts or inspired  by Simply Colorful.
So, as I have caught up BlockHeads, I am going to continue with 2. Brown Bag Mystery.
This time last year I was in the middle of this mystery and two things happened. One, I needed a fabric panel that was difficult to find in Australia; and two we booked a last minute Trans-Pacific Cruise. OK, I'll find the panel in Hawaii, or so I thought. No luck, so move on. The half complete quilt has sat in it's box on my sewing table for a year.
A few months ago while walking through Spotlight 
(OK, deliberate visit to Spotlight to buy more fabric that I don't need),
I came across a purple graduated fabric, so as it was like the panel I needed, I bought two metres. Now I am ready to go - after I find the final clues - and start pinning all the templates onto the purple fabric - woo hoo!! Luckily I saved all the clues so spent a great deal of the afternoon tracing and pinning the labels onto the fabric.
Once labelled I cut each piece and I'm ready to go onto finishing Clue three.
The only problem now is the pattern is so complicated that I need to adapt the English Paper Piecing to make the blocks more machine user friendly. To do that I need a printer, and ours is out of ink. So to wait for Peter to come home with new ink.
Maybe I'll cut out some Farmers Wife pieces for hand sewing on our next trip.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Quick catch-up

Most of the last six weeks have been looking after our granddaughters from England, so it has been pretty full on with lots of visitors. With a family wedding on Fraser Island and so many 'comings and goings' I am only now able to get back to some sewing. 
I have managed to do two more ModaBlockHead blocks and sew a mattress protector (along with adjusting bridesmaid dresses). Today I should be able to get a lot done - sewing wise - before going back to cleaning and tidying the house, then we are off on another adventure.


However the aim of this quick post is to let you know about a free pattern to download, but you must be quick.
Today (26/08/2017) Craftsy has a free download of a Caravan and Camping Quilt Pattern.
Get it quick if you are signed into Craftsy, if not become a member and join it is free.

Friday, 14 July 2017

The weather is cold - time to sew.

Here in the southern hemisphere it is winter..... and it is cold, well by our standards. DD in England is sweltering with 24 degree temperatures, and I'm freezing with 20!! Anyway, a good time to sew.
We spent most of June traveling in the van so hand sewing was readily on hand. I took away the hexies, of course, and the Farmers Wife blocks, but also had a new project to do. While traveling last year I came across a Christmas Countdown Calendar in an Australian theme at a lovely quilt shop in Cowra. I bought two panels. I have finished one, well the sewing of the pockets are done, and all that is left is the backing and quilting. This first one is for our English granddaughters to take back home.
Before we left on our last trip I decided to make a small needle pouch. I was past the needle in the thread spool stage and wanted something, not only safer but also pretty. I had left over fabric from a mystery quilt earlier in the year so made this little pouch. Think I will need to make some more, so each hand sewing project box has their own little pouch.
This is the mystery quilt - finished and gifted. 
I did find some lovely fabric while traveling - these were from the Craftbasket in Orbost.
Back home again, I started a block-a-thon. It actually started in March, so I've been playing catch up. It is run by Bear Creek Quilting and is called Moda Blockheads 2017. A block pattern is released each week and it is presently up to block 19. I finished block 14 last night. I have been leaving out the applique blocks, but will get organised to take them as hand sewing on our trips. The top two photos also show some leaders and enders I've made from the block leftovers. I chose browns as I purchased three FQ packs of 6FQ's for $5 each pack. Much of the fabric was brown AND only one FQ was duplicated - so that's why I'm not using 'my' colours. One has to use some of the stash some of the time.
Bonnie this past week also introduced this years 'Leaders and Enders' Quilt Challenge - so why not start another project.😄 It involves making railpost blocks. What a great idea. Bonnie is using a checkerboard for two of the rows, so I thought ...why not! I chose a 1.5inch jelly roll that I've had for some time and made a sample block, first in blue and white checks then in black and white checks. Liked the black and white so that's what I'm doing.
With so many little pieces in the blockhead blocks, I have been able to sew a lot of leaders and enders. I have drawn up a plan and cut all the fabric strips so I'm ready to go.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

These past few weeks at my machine....

What a busy, busy few weeks this has been. Sadly sewing took the backseat. This is the longest we have been at home in the last three years.
With still culling school stuff, and trying to down size what we have - not fabric, of course - and Peter renovating an investment house to sell - now that we are both retired - it has been a very hectic month.
However, I did manage to piece the back of En Provence, including a large hand drawn label, and sandwich and quilt it. The quilting caused a problem. I had to change the needle, the needle plate, the thread, the bobbin, and still it did not quilt as it should have. In saying that, I persevered and finished the quilting. Now all that is left is the the hand finishing of the binding. I'm not sure if I will sell this one or keep it - it is my colours 😊💜.
I also caught up with Simply Colorful 'Row by Row' and I am now waiting for next Friday and the last clue. This will be a cot quilt, maybe 😊.
I am thinking about re-making the dark 'racing car' block and reversing the light and the dark.
I just don't think it fits with the other blocks.
What do you think?
I thought I would tell you what I do with binding. I cut either 2.5 or 2 inches of fabric, sometimes on the bias, and sometimes not. I then sew the strips together and fold and iron. I then carefully roll the strip onto an empty cotton reel. If I have a lot of binding I will put the wound up reel into a tea/coffee cup. For En Provence I didn't need a tea cup, I simply put the reel under my extension tray and it feed it through to the quilt.  
I have always believed in an anchor cloth when sewing projects, and have been making random leaders and enders, mostly from off cuts from projects.
I hate to waste fabric.
Here are some off cuts from 'Row by Row' mystery when squaring the blocks - not going to waste these. Not sure what I will do with them either!
These are some left over triangles from a Halloween project - must finish that quilt too 😖 - they will make a lovely border or mug mat.... or maybe they will be perfect for my jacket!!
 Off on a road trip later this week, so hand sewing will be in order.

Monday, 10 April 2017

On My Design Wall ...

On my design wall...and on my lounge...and on my sewing table....
 ... Peace and Love quilt ... I decided not to make it a full size quilt, so I am making a lap quilt, a couple of baby quilts, and some centre pieces (or stove covers for caravans).

On my machine, I have been sewing the blocks together, and making strip blocks as leaders and enders. I am using pinks and purples, as they will be incorporated into my jacket.

I have also been making one block each week in the Row by Row Mystery on Simply Colorful - and that is in greens!!
On my lounge ... waiting to be quilted ... is two of the completed Peace and Love quilts, Bonnie Hunter's En Provence Quilt and the beautiful baby quilt I made at Croki, NSW last February in the van. I can't think of the name of it ... I so have to remember to make labels when I start a quilt, so I can remember the name! 
And I love the pattern so will use it again.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Under My Needle

The past few days have been mostly taken up 'glued' to the TV watching Cyclone Debbie unfold along our beautiful Queensland Coast. A category 4 cyclone that caused a lot of destruction, fortunately no loss of live. Now a low depression, the tail of Cyclone Debbie is hitting the south coast of Queensland, including Brisbane. All schools have been closed for today and tomorrow due to flooding, and everyone is pretty much in lock down until the storm passed. There has been a lot of rain, and just now the winds have started to get stronger. So while all this is happening, I have been sewing - what else! Under my needle is a jacket I am making. It has been a long time coming and I have made sew many changes, but that's ok. It will get done.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

2017 Week 11 update

This past week I've finished unpacking and washing from our last trip and I've been able to start and catch up with Simply Colorful Row by Row mystery.
Block One
Block Two
Block Three
I'm doing a crib size and in green, as green seems to be the new mum's choice for baby quilts.
 So then I started, or should I say continued with...Peace and Love Mystery quilt from Love Shack Quilts.
Block 8
Block Nine
... and did I show you the fabric I purchased in Lautoka?
Not bad at $4.50 and $5.50 AUS. Now I've started making bags I'm going to make a 'cruise' bag for myself and my sister.