Monday, 1 February 2016

Simply Colorful Mystery Quilt Along

You all know I love mystery quilts. The hardest part is choosing the fabrics, as it is a mystery and one doesn't know how it will turn out - it's a mystery!!
This new mystery by Lynn at Simply Colorful named Oh Baby Baby Mystery Quilt, started a few weeks ago.
Above is my first choice of fabrics. I wasn't sure about the grey fabric, and asked the Simply Colorful Facebook Quilt Along group if I should change it to white or cream. Lynn thought white or cream would work better, so below is second choice of fabrics.
I had the fabric laid out for over a week before I decided to change my fabric choice yet again. 
I have my favourite colour choices, I am always buying pinks and purples and teals. So to change fabric choice again was hard.
This was my final choice, so I started cutting.
Part one finished.
Parts one and two.
Part three complete. I started this mystery at home and will finish it while travelling along the east coast of Australia.
I love sewing, and I love travelling.

Farmers Wife #22 Cat

My first thought seeing Cat was look at all those tiny little pieces. Next it was what fabrics will I use? 
Once I started piecing it wasn't that difficult. However, I did lose some of my points, so don't look too close ☺.
The Gnome Angel tutorial can be found here.

My thoughts on the letter 'The First School Day' 
by Glad - after - all,  1935
Glad - after - all expresses her feelings about dropping her 'baby' to school. She talks about her aspirations and dreams for him in the future.
It is often difficult to leave one's child with 'strangers' and under someone else's control, even when one knows it is the right thing to do. Over the years I have seen many different reactions by parents as they leave their children on the first day of school, all appropriate,  just different. 
Quote: Children grow, and parents will always watch out for their children, but the emotions felt by parents on the first day of school are very strong and very raw.

Allietare finished

I love the way Allietare turned out. 
I made half the amount of units Bonnie suggested and this gave me a 4 x 4 block square. I had to make one more blue centre block and 4 triangle edging blocks. I had a red centred block left over so I used units from the red block to make the extra triangle blocks I needed.
My design wall is not large enough for a big quilt, even Allietare at half size was too big for my wall, so I used our floor to layout the blocks. 
I added a thin blue inner border and a large black outer border. Now Allitare top is waiting to be quilted, but as we are travelling,  it will have to wait until I am home again. 
Click here, to go to Bonnie's link-up party.
I love mystery quilts and this one is beautiful.
Thank you Bonnie!!!