Friday, 23 October 2015

Farmers Wife # 94 Susannah

I did block #94 Susannah the same way I did block #49 Katherine. I must admit, I like this block better :) .
However, my lack of attention caused me to unpick the same section TWICE <shakes head>

The tutorial for this block can be found at GnomeAngel.

I still need to trim the blocks and will pay more attention to my seam allowance as there shouldn't be any pieces that don't line up. My fault. Still, after all that, I really like this block. Think I will use it in a table topper I'm making.

My thoughts on 'Earn Before Spending'
by Thrifty Oct, 1935
Thrifty talks about her children working to earn pocket money to buy or spend on things they want.
As a child we grew up in a loving family, that didn't have a lot of money. I don't recall getting 'pocket money' but I may have. I do recall saving money to spend at the Royal Easter Show on Easter Thursday. The three kids would combine all our pennies and Mum and Dad would divide them up equally so we could buy our showbags. As I child I didn't realise we didn't have a lot of money, and I'm not sure when I did. Growing up we went to school and had weekend jobs, mine at Woolies, to get our spending money. Some of my friends would buy things on lay-buy. To this day I have never use the lay-buy system, but I have used a credit card!!! As we get older our budgets change and are continually changing. I am thankful to my parents, my Nanna, and my Auntie for modelling and guiding me to be the thrifty person that I am today. We still spend money on holidays, and eating out, although not as often as we did, but we have managed our money well.
We prioritise what we spend, sometimes that means missing out or sacrificing things we want so that we don't go into great debt over spending. 
It is a balance. Don't spend more than you have, was well taught.
I will never be rich - unless I win lotto - but I will never be poor.
The happiest people don't have the best of everything ~ they just make the best of everything.

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