Saturday, 30 November 2013

Been awhile....

Spare time is rare, so I make a choice to sew rather than blog. With the 'paid' job coming to an end for the year, I should have time to do both.

There are many new BOM's starting this time of the year, and in the new year. How many will I get started and finished ..... as many as I can. Of course, my version of finished is the quilt tops :)

I've started a new BOM called Sassy Cats. Vicki from Vicki's Fabric Creations has created this quilt from embroidery from BFC Creations. Vicki is also creating blocks to go with BFC free 10 Anniversary designs. I will start that one soon.
 Block 1
 Block 2

My Home is my Castle is almost finished.

Miss Cooper requested I make her a cow quilt - not sure why she wanted a cow quilt, she loves ponies, but here it is.

Now, however, it is all about Christmas. San Francisco Stitch Co has a five week block a week for Christmas. I was going to make multiple blocks to make a quilt, but really in Australia we don't use quilts much in Summer. Block 1 was a Christmas present.
 The embroidery was interesting as I have not used this technique before. Really liked the effect.
 ....and then I decided to add a gift tag. Might turn some into Christmas mug rugs.

I also made some of different sizes.
That's it for now .. back to sewing